Durable Stainless steel bathtub

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There's a good number of reasons to keep up hygiene, even more so at hospitals and elder care facilities. A stainless steel bathtub is often used in such places, though these tubs are of course designed to fulfil various needs and to ease the work involved. The importance cannot be understated, helping both with comfort, health and ensuring that diseases are suppressed. 

Of course, stainless steel bathtubs aren't the only equipment made for patient hygiene, there's trolleys and shower chairs too that are commonly used in both hospital and elder care facilities to make sure that elderly and patients are properly cleaned without straining the bodies of caretakers more than needed. 

After all, the physical strain can be heavy as you often must lift and help people get up as they are either too weak or too injured to do it themselves.

Hospital hygiene equipment

So where do hospitals and aged care facilities acquire a stainless steel bathtub from? At http://ww​w.trequipment.com/products/tr-900ss you can find bathtubs from TR Equipment. TR Equipment manufacture high quality patient hygiene products that's designed to ensure the safety and comfort of the patients and elderly that use them. 

As previously mentioned their bathtub lighten the workload and stress on caretakers, leading to less risk of injuries. That alone makes it a worthwhile investment, though the added benefit of increased patient comfort is of course a welcome bonus. Besides the tubs, TR Equipment also make trolleys, shower chairs and mobile patient lifts for facilities that require good patient hygiene and moving said patients around.​​